Club Practice DO’s

Club Practice DO’s

One of the great benefits for members is access to Club practice sessions held five times a week. Here are 10 Club Practice Tips that the Club advocates our members to follow:

#1. Rotate.

Play only two games/15mins if others members are waiting.

#2. Ask for court lights.

Kindly ask Monash Sport staff to turn lights on for practice.

#3. Meet and introduce yourself.

Get to know more players to practice with.

#4. Verify players.

Make sure those on a practice court are Club members – kindly evict them if they are not.

#5. Do drills. Ghost.

Court ghosting and squash drills help you to keep improving!

#6. Group.

If there many members waiting, start a group on court for 3/4’s or drills.

#7. Learn+Improve.

Sign up to a coaching program to improve your technique and game play.

#8. Report lost racquets.

Let the Club know if you find any racquets during practice for members who may have lost theirs. It might be you one day!

#9. Bring a guest, once.

Guests can attend practice sessions but must become a member after their first visit.

#10. Feedback.

If you have suggestions, issues or questions, contact the Club Committee via email, facebook or in person.