2015: MS 24 Hour Mega Squash Fundraiser

2015: MS 24 Hour Mega Squash Fundraiser

Fellow Squashies,

On the 2nd and 3rd of May, the young Cormac and newly appointed Tournaments & Competitions Coordinator Jose have volunteered to be team leaders for the 24 Hour Mega Squash & Racquetball held at MSAC.

Please give those two a hand by either participating on the day or donating to the Club’s team.

You can register for the event or donate on the team page. Once registered, please either email the club or discuss with Jose when you would like to play. Players who are keen to see what it is like to play squash at midnight or in the early hours of the morning will get first preference.

Teams are also urged to dress as a theme, so if entrants have any ideas please pass them onto the club.

Last year, the Club surpassed its goal of $2,000 and raised over $3,000.